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Boréale display cabinets whet customers’ appetites in shopping areas – Takeaway food in a Parisian Grand Hotel – Matfer Bourgeat

Boréale display cabinets whet customers’ appetites – Matfer Bourgeat

Have you heard of the “shop-in-shop” concept?

Lobbies have been traditionally used as a space guests pass through as they are welcomed into a hotel, and although customers appreciate being able to pick up food in them, they have a rather cold and impersonal reputation.

The solution to this is to offer a “shop-in-shop”. So how should you organise your fast food space so that it remains a friendly, handy and accessible place to visit at any time of the day?

A personalised designer food space

This Parisian Grand Hotel has really got the hang of a very contemporary concept. Guests are won over by a newly created area that offers food and a space for meetings, co-working and so on, thereby brilliantly catering to both guests’ needs and our new ways of working and living.

To draw people into its new “Mayo” shop-in-shop, the hotel has opted to install Boréale refrigerated display, including the very first heated Australe display cabinet, which provides the beautiful design and high functionality the space requires.

A project by Matfer Bourgeat Distribution de Repas in Paris.

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