Custom kitchens and bars at Le Peninsula Paris

Peninsula Paris

A custom functional restaurant kitchen


Le Peninsula, is a exquisite Parisian luxury hotel ideally located in the heart of the French capital, just a few meters from the Arc de Triomphe and some of the most famous historical sites, museums and luxury boutiques in the world.

This iconic Haussmannian building has 200 dreamily rooms, including 86 suites that number among Paris’ most spectacular ones.

Once a private house, this historical establishment has successively been a luxury hotel, a government building and the temporary UNESCO headquarters before returning to its vocation as a high-end hotel.

Peninsula Paris

Restaurant l’Oiseau Blanc

Restaurant l’Oiseau Blanc

A custom terrace bar designed and made specifically for outdoor use on the roofs of Paris. Modular to make receptions easier.

Flexible professional catering equipment for receptions. A prestigious perch in a unique setting, into which this rooftop terrace bar blends perfectly.


The kitchen layout was designed to be functional, incorporating professional kitchen equipment.

Built-in technical equipment and compressor unit, with screen-front doors for aesthetic purposes and to avoid buildup of dirt.

A waste bin underneath the preparation space, superbly integrated into the unit.

A set of custom refrigerated work units. No technical equipment takes up too much space, reducing the risk of dirt. Handles are integrated into the unit front.

The refrigerated drawers and their magnetic hinges can be fully dismantled to fit gastronome containers.

A set of custom refrigerated work units. Units made with 100 mm tall crafted bases to make it easier to mop floors.

Peninsula Paris

An independent kitchen, with food preparation units with splashbacks, cook tops set back on the worktop and a service area.

The stainless steel furniture offers many advantages, starting with hygiene – it is very easy to clean. It is a hard-wearing material that can survive being wet and steamy in a humid atmosphere without being damaged.

The kitchen is equipped with a set of custom-designed refrigerated work units. Professional stainless steel restaurant equipment designed especially for this kitchen. Hygiene is a vital element of any kitchen. The furniture sits on a masonry slab 100 mm high, enabling the floors to be washed easily.

Everything must be perfectly sequenced for food preparation and service to take place under the best conditions.

A custom pastry-making unit with an embedded ice cream storage container in the granite top.

Peninsula Paris
A project by Pi Création in Paris


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Zero waste

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