The Taïga refrigerated food preparation table

The Taïga refrigerated food preparation table


The Taïga refrigerated table allows catering industry professionals to prepare cold foods without having to move into a refrigerated area. Foods can also be prepared in front of the customer, ensuring the cold chain is not broken. A product that’s unique in terms of its laminar cold-flow technology and its performance.


An eco-friendly, cost-effective temperature control solution

By showing its ability to maintain a temperature of 4°C at the product’s core at an ambient temperature of 25°C, the Taïga refrigerated table offers cooks a considerable advantage.

A solution that is energy efficient and comfortable to use and therefore saves on your electricity bill. The Taïga table therefore also represents an eco-friendly solution.

This allows you to work in a temperature-controlled environment without breaking the cold chain for your food preparations. This controlled temperature is made possible through the Taïga table’s laminar cold-flow technology.


A refrigerated table that combines adherence to hygiene standards and user convenience

The Taïga table has been designed by Matfer Bourgeat designers to offer an ergonomic design that meets food safety standards as well as the comfort requirements of catering industry professionals.

Suspended evaporators positioned at each end of the table produce a continuous cold cover about 20cm high without directing cold air flow towards cooks’ bellies


In addition, this refrigerated table offers a capacity up to 5 GN 1/1, allowing two professionals to comfortably work on the same table at the same time.

In terms of food safety, maintenance of a constant temperature is guaranteed, as is adherence to HACCP food preparation standards.

The use of ultra-violet lights (Type C – shortwave ultraviolet lights) further limits the risk of the growth of germs, viruses and other bacteria circulating in air flows.

Multiple uses for your refrigerated table

The Taïga refrigerated table is a solution catering for professionals in the catering industry who need to prepare food in front of customers. This preparation table will therefore prove to be most suitable for sandwich bars, juice bars, sushi bars, fresh fruit cutting corners and any other catering industry establishment.



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