A school kitchen at the École St Pierre de Chandieu

école st pierre de chandieu


The aim here was to provide children with a quality school kitchen that would educate them about good food while respecting all relevant standards. Mission accomplished!

The Taïga chilled preparation table is a genuine substitute for refrigerator units, allowing users to prepare food on a work surface set above a continuous flow of air at 37°F (3°C).

As a worktop, it is compact and mobile and can easily be positioned in limited spaces. It has refrigerated units in its lower section to ensure a stock of fresh products is always available.

Aquaris is an innovative system that saves soap and significantly reduces water use. It uses 10 times less water than standard washing equipment. Economic and ecological!
école st pierre de chandieu

The modular Satellite 4G solution allows users to take the utmost care of preparations, preventing them from drying out or losing texture.

« With its well-designed, pre-configured programs, the Satellite 4G cabinet always provides ideal results, which means I can take as much care of the Mayor’s meals as I can for my little primary schoolers!»
Marie-Elisabeth Chevalier, head chef
A project by Bourgeat in Lyon


Zéro déchet

Zero waste

Bourgeat is a signed-up member of the “Zero Plastic Waste” program piloted by