Using the Prep Chef fry cutter in Eric Kayser’s kitchen

Bakery dining from breakfast to dinner

Éric Kayser offers an innovative bakery concept. A unique concept that combines restaurant food with takeaway sales.

There is a total range of quality dining options, from breakfast until dinner.

Eric Kayser has placed his trust in Matfer-Bourgeat products, and that includes the preparation of fries.

Fresh, crispy fries on demand with the Prep Chef. Developed to cut vegetables, it is also a professional fry cutter. The slicer can cut potatoes into fries of various shapes and dimensions.

A professional vegetable cutter that can also slice many types of food without effort (eggs, fruit, vegetables).

A cooking utensil for working with fresh produce quickly and with respect for the ingredients.

A fry cutter designed for professionals

The Prep Chef fry cutter combines a number of advantages: ease of use, flexibility, stability, robustness and convenience. The Prep Chef is a platform that offers various possibilities.

Like the professional masher, the Prep Chef fry cutter is a tool made in France that is fully machine-washable.

Because cooking is both an art and a pleasure, everything must be done to make it as easy as possible.

Fresh, crispy chips whenever customers want, thanks to Prep’Chef.

A project by Matfer and In Situ in Bercy Village-Paris.


Zéro déchet

Zero waste

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