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Fresh cuts at La Fraîcherie


A gently curving design and vibrant colors were selected so that this section of the grocery store where fruit and vegetables are freshly cut is both successfully embedded and shown at its best.

Alternate straight and angled displays with two levels of ventilated refrigeration optimize the product presentation space and make items highly visible.

When your dining concept is all about freshness, you have to do everything you can to reassure your clientele.
The group has also mobilized multiple resources so that these professionals can work in totally transparent conditions that meet the highest hygiene and product storage standards.

Prep’Chef for cutting and preparing food…

… light-filled, well put-together working spaces…

… and storage spaces whose ergonomic design and temperature have been honed to suit every type of product and process…


A total solution that includes kitchen tools, tableware, refrigerated units and self-service counters – in other words, everything required for a successful project.

Specially adapted ergonomic storage spaces to suit specific needs for each task.

A project by Solyref in Roncq

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