Biodegradable and industrially compostable packaging and containers

Matfer Bourgeat's industrially compostable range


Today’s catering business is no longer concerned solely with consumers’ palates. Indeed, food is now a much broader issue. To support you in these developments, Matfer Bourgeat has developed a wide range of industrially compostable packaging. The perfect way to ensure that your takeaway service is environmentally friendly!



Let’s start with a quick definition: a material is said to be “industrially compostable” (European standard EN 13432) when, after accelerated biodegradation under controlled conditions (heat, humidity, etc.), it becomes humus that can be used directly in agriculture.

Matfer Bourgeat has used a variety of biodegradable materials for its range of environmentally-friendly products.

Take cardboard, for example, whose rigidity is ideally suited to food packaging and containers. What’s more, it’s one of the most widely used biodegradable materials. We also use other, less common materials that are just as ecological and efficient!

matfer-bourgeat-gobelet-pla copie

Such is the case with PLA, the acronym for polylactic acid, and CPLA, the acronym for Cristallised Poly Lactic Acid. Both materials are perfectly biodegradable and compostable in dedicated structures.

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a material derived from corn starch, the manufacture of which consumes 68% less fossil fuel than conventional plastics. Perfectly recyclable and industrially compostable, PLA offers the same advantages as plastic. This material is ideal for the cold drinks you serve! Matfer Bourgeat offers a range of tumblers made from this material.

You’ll find biodegradable cups in our range of PLA products made from corn flour, which are 100% biodegradable and compostable!

CPLA is a PLA to which lime is added during production. The resulting material is made up of around 80% PLA and 20% lime, so it can withstand heat up to 85°C.

That’s why we’ve launched a whole range of 100% biodegradable and compostable CPLA cutlery.



Too often unused or burned, this sugarcane residue can now be converted into a product with low environmental impact. Sugar cane fiber containers are ideal for on-the-go catering. This is thanks to its high rigidity, resistance to high temperatures and impermeability to grease. The Biokup range, designed in this material, is as elegant as it is resistant (up to 100°!).



Matfer Bourgeat’s industrially compostable range also includes baking papers. These are made exclusively from natural raw materials and renewable forest resources. So there’s not the slightest trace of chemicals or other foreign substances in their composition. Their grease-free operation offers multiple uses and eliminates the plate cleaning process. A point that saves invaluable time in the catering trade!

It’s perfectly possible to offer takeaways that are also environmentally friendly! This means turning to biodegradable and recyclable packaging, such as cardboard wrap and French fry pots, greaseproof paper “newspaper” print cones or kraft cardboard burger boxes!

If you have any questions about our eco-friendly range, or about materials that can be composted industrially or domestically, please consult our “What you need to know ” page and our FAQ.