The Ergo range of large tools

The Ergo range of large tools from the Matfer Bourgeat group improves operator comfort, reduces strain to limit the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The range consists of 5 tools: 2 Exoglass® spatulas measuring 80 and 120 cm long, a stainless steel reducing spatula, a giant whisk, a square-headed whisk, and a wall-mounted support.

The main advantages of the large tools


The reducing spatula, constructed of 100% stainless steel, is ideal for turning sautéed preparations as well as scraping fond from the bottom of pots and tanks while simmering or reducing sauces. It’s smooth, solid construction is easy to maintain and wash.
Gamme Ergo des grands outils


The Giant Exoglass Spatula is designed to turn and mix soups and sauces as well as ingredients that are suspended in water, like rice or pasta. Due to its form and adaptive weight, it allows easy access to difficult-to-reach corners, making for smooth and homogeneous preparations.
Gamme Ergo des grands outils


We also developed the Exoglass Spatula in a slightly smaller format, with a paddle designed to efficiently cover the surface area of frequently used 2/1 GN pans and an 80cm handle that’s easy to maneuver across tasks involving a variety of other pots, tanks, and pans. This allows mixing and portioning dishes to be more efficient and less tiring.
Gamme Ergo des grands outils


The square head of this whisk is specially designed to reach every corner and side of a container, making for even and efficient results with minimal lost product, while being particularly well suited to mashes and purées.

Memory-form whisk wires hold their shape despite repeated heavy use. They won’t deform or pull out over time, making for a long-lasting, reliable tool. The whisk’s dimensions (140mm x 220mm) are ideally suited for 2/1 GN pans.

Gamme Ergo des grands outils


We carefully designed the head of the Giant Round Whisk to create an efficient whip that won’t waste energy or ingredients.

Memory-form whisk wires hold their shape despite repeated heavy use. Built to meet the specifications of commercial kitchens, this flexion-resistant design promotes a consistent mixing motion while prolonging the life of the tool.

Gamme Ergo des grands outils

Manufactured in France for enhanced product longevity.

The quality materials such as stainless steel and Exoglass® used in the design of the Ergo range of large tools ensure their longevity by resisting wear, corrosion, and high temperatures. They offer an excellent return on investment and reduce costs associated with frequent replacements.

Throughout the creation process, our teams have studied usage patterns to offer sizes, shapes, and materials of large tools that meet the needs of operators and can combat MSDs. It is important to note that the features of the large tools aim to improve the safety and comfort of operators while promoting more efficient tool use.

The range of large tools is an ergonomic tool range offering a host of significant benefits, from improving operator comfort and safety to increasing tool efficiency and durability. Investing in this range can not only improve working conditions but also contribute to better overall performance through increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs.


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