Auchan’s “new generation” hypermarket at la Cloche d’Or

Auchan treats itself to a tailor-made restaurant by Matfer Bourgeat

Looking to create a restaurant in the heart of the store, Auchan entrusted this unique project to the Matfer Bourgeat group, a long-time partner of the chain.

An ambitious project: Auchan’s Cloche d’Or brasserie


Welcome to the Brasserie de la Cloche d’Or, an emblematic location at the heart of the Auchan store’s culinary trades.


The objective was to create a pleasant place for cooks. There, they can work comfortably and store fresh produce easily.

As a result, this atypical place will delight your taste buds with refined and fresh products.

The installation was titanic due to time constraints. We mobilized more than twenty colleagues who worked virtually 7 days a week on the project. It was a challenge that was met in only 3 months. It was possible thanks to the know-how of the Matfer Bourgeat Group and the various parties involved in the project.

A custom-made kitchen designed to meet specific needs.

Responding to the demand, 220 meters of customized self-service lines in their technical conception was designed and manufactured.
Specific equipment included a caviar display case, a refrigerated reserve with glass doors, a two-level raised refrigerated tank, an ice cream storage unit, a heated lamp unit for the pass hatch and a large refrigerated display case for the store’s packaged products.

Use of environmentally friendly technology.


With regard to cold production, the Matfer Bourgeat Group has used a particularly environmentally friendly technology as CO2 is the only liquid refrigerant with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 1, making it the most commendable fluid.

This project corresponds perfectly to the values and know-how of the Matfer Bourgeat Group, highly oriented towards design, conception and custom manufacturing combined with respect for deadlines, expertise in cutting-edge technology and respect for the environment. It is also a fine example of our passion for taste that leads us to design equipment that excites and creates consumer appetite.