2020 Easter Special, Vincent Guerlais’ strawberry basket

Ingredients to make a strawberry basket

Hazelnut dacquoise

156 g Egg whites
69 g Granulated sugar
69 g Ground almonds
140 g Ground hazelnuts
108 g Powdered sugar
26 g Flour


Start by making the hazelnut dacquoise.

Make French meringue with the egg whites and granulated sugar.

Combine the remaining dry ingredients and gently fold into the meringue using a rubber spatula.


Spread onto a baking sheet lined with silicon paper and bake for 12 minutes at 180°C (360°F).

Once baked, cool on a rack.

Cut two rectangles inside the baked dacquoise.

Whipped Bourbon vanilla ganache

90 g Whipping cream 35% fat.
1 Vanilla pod
3 g Powdered beef gelatin
16 g Water
90 g White couverture chocolate
196 g Whipping cream 35% fat

Heat the whipping cream with the vanilla pod ; add the gelatin / water mixed together and pour onto the white couverture chocolate.

Allow to cook to 20°C (68°F) then add the 196 g cold whipping cream.

The following day, whip in a stand mixer.


Commencez par réaliser un biscuit dacquoise à la noisette.

Faites une meringue française : montez les blancs d’œufs en neige et incorporez progressivement le sucre cristal et la poudre de noisettes brutes.

Mélangez délicatement à l’aide d’une maryse.

Chef’s tip

Leave to rest for 24 hours for a Chantilly cream like texture and it will be a little firmer.

The following day, whip in a stand mixer.


Take a first dacquoise rectangle and pipe all around it with the whipped Bourbon vanilla ganache.

You can also pipe a little of the ganache inside the rectangle.

Cover this with the second dacquoise rectangle.

Spread a thin layer (about 3 mm) of whipped Bourbon vanilla ganache over this.


Cut strawberries in 2 and place them side by side over the entire rectangle.

Chocolate basket

Use a cardboard pattern to cut your basket shapes.

Using a mixture of chocolate, cocoa butter and unsweetened cocoa powder, give a wooden look to your basket.

Stick all the parts together using a paper cone filled with caramelized white chocolate.

assembly and Finish

Last step, stack your basket in a bell shape over the biscuit.

Add a few small eggs and some chocolate molds as decorations to give it a little springtime and Easter feel.


You can also find on the site Vincent Guerlais recipes for the Gorilla as well as for the new-style Mendiant Egg and the Raspberry Entremets.


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