Innovative and customized Food Line self-service

Customized self-service Food Line, a major innovative concept in food distribution.

Customized self-service Food Line design is a unique, fully modular concept. It is a major innovation of the last 30 years in the domain of food distribution. When our partner 3C was contacted by Cofidis to imagine and create a staff restaurant that is different to what you would normally find, they immediately thought of our Food Line concept to meet this ambitious demand.

A customized project to suit your desires.

This project goes well beyond that of a simple self-service. Here we are talking about a personalized offer where the client could choose the colors of the melamine together with the marble. To take the experience even further and emphasize the personality of this company restaurant, we also adapted everything to the work within the space. It was not just a self-service project but also a major project!

A stylish and practical catering area.

The possibilities of implementing a Food Line self-service system enable you to do so much more than within a traditional system. After studying the logical flow of distribution of complete meals, from the starter to the dessert to the payment area, we have installed equipment that makes it possible to offer both a catering service with fresh products that need to be kept cold but also with hot dishes.

Innovative self-service that meets professional’s needs.

For better space ergonomics, Food Line has been designed to facilitate service. The replenishment zone has been designed at the heart of the distribution system, which avoids the need for staff to go back and forth and encourages exchanges with the customer. The specially designed lighting makes it possible to see the preparations from a distance and to create an appetite, with style, fulfilling one of our objectives, which is to focus on enhancing the taste of the food.