Wedding cakes, “Wow” cakes, Bespoke display stands, it’s the season of celebrations!

Soon the season of weddings, christenings, communions will be in full swing…

Are you ready?

An opportunity for the MATFER BOURGEAT group to remind you of the trusty foundations for making the festivities a success. The spectacular arrival of a sublime French style Wedding Cake, the classic style of a croquembouche pièce montée, the originality and the variety of flavours from a Macaron Pyramid, the timeless Pain Surprise ..


For the purists who think that a wedding without a croquembouche isn’t a wedding worthy of the name, rest assured, we haven’t forgotten it. The croquembouche pièce montée, a classic of French pastry-making, made with fresh cream profiteroles.

For the “choux addicts”, you can fall for this great classic, which will blend in perfectly with the decoration of dessert buffets. We offer the famous stainless steel cone measuring from 250 mm to 600 mm high.

This allows for a quick and aesthetically pleasing set up of your profiterole pièce montée.

With the SILFOM perforated sheet range developed to facilitate the sorting and the presentation of the choux pastry, discover the regular choux which are easy to fill and present!!

These choux are filled with pastry cream with the help of a pastry bag. To add a touch of originality, you can add a craquelin or flavoured caramel, which brings a crunchy side.

And for controlled sugar cooking, consider using an exoglass® spatula thermometer, a 2 in 1 tool that allows you to control the temperature of your preparations when cooking while mixing


The Wedding Cake is a spectacular cake with the possibility of creating decorations which will make it the “Star” of the evening. For a wedding it can be adapted to the theme of the decoration chosen by the couple. It can be covered and decorated with fondant icing which offers so many possibilities for the modelling of a wedding cake.

Today wedding cakes are more and more often placed on the happy couples’ tables, they are almost a shadow of our great classic :the croquembouche !

In its round classic version or a more original square and deconstructed version, these kits allow for endless creativity

Offer several traditional French pastry recipes with light textures (mousse, bavaroise…), different flavours for each level, and personalisation depending on the theme.
An events cake that ensures a show in the room with the simultaneous cutting of the 5 levels.
A little scared by the concept and its apparent complexity? Let us convince you with our step-by-step guide

Discover more Wedding Cake recipes with the book “Collection Entremets, Petits Gâteaux” by Jean Michel Perruchon


For an original staging, why not have macarons placed on a high support, a creative and colourful idea for a result that is both surprising, elegant and practical to eat..
A pyramid of various colours and chosen with a multitude of possible flavour combinations. It’s sure to satisfy your guests!
A concept that allows you to create macaron pyramids of different heights without pinning them or sticking them.
The presentation is more chic and the nesting tray system offers multiple ways to enliven a display, a buffet or a reception table.

Matfer also has pastry utensils for creating a wedding cake, round, square, deconstructed square. Different sized pastry cutters for creating different cake layers. Discover our Wedding Cake mould kits


A sugar lamp has a large work surface with 2 glass ceramic bulbs mounted on a flexible arm and a 3 position energy measure for perfectly controlling the temperature of the sugar. A heating area under the work surface, in the rear, width of 100 mm with a 3 setting energy measure (temperature up to 70°C), which allows you to keep the waiting sugar warm. A 530 x 325 mm work surface with a raised Exopat sheet for a comfortable working environment.
Little extra: a storage draw for accessories under the unit (PC GN1/2 P tray; 100)..

The book “Sucre, l’art et la manière” allows you to discover, learn and master working with sugar. Educational, simple and not pretentious, this book gives you the “tools” for better understanding this discipline.

For the imagination side, we let the chefs take care of that…