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FOOD LINE: Reimagining the breakfast experience – Matfer Bourgeat

FOOD LINE: Ultra-bespoke professional self-service specially designed for breakfast


Your breakfast presentation style is now one of the very few remaining ways of offering hotel guests a delightful experience they have never had elsewhere.

The first meal of the day is all the more vital considering that 80% of guests eat theirs on site.

In our busy lives, hotel breakfasts are our chance to take our time and chat about what the day has in store for us. This makes it incomparably important when it comes to winning customers’ loyalty, not least because breakfast is often the final impression they get of their stay with you before they check out.


A comprehensive renovation to create a first-class, contemporary self-service area

The Grand Hotel du Casino in Dieppe, France decided to completely refurbish its breakfast area with the aim of creating a space where guests get a singularly delightful experience and a real treat.

The refurb is brighter and has a more contemporary, designer look, but it’s still every bit as warm and gourmet in tone. Only Food Line can fuse together all these ambiances to thrill hotel guests.


A project by Matfer Bourgeat Distribution de Repas in Dieppe

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