Elite Pro Anti-Adhesive : Excellency at the service of Chefs

Compatible with all sources of heat, whether you’re cooking on a modern induction hob, a traditional gas range, or even an oven, the Elite pro frying pan is ready to meet all your needs!
Its extra-thick aluminum body ensures perfectly balanced heat distribution across the entire cooking surface. The result is a precise, evenly cooked dish, with no burnt or undercooked areas.

For safe, complication-free handling.

Equipped with a 4-layer PTFE non-stick coating, get snag- and sticking-free cooking, even with delicate ingredients such as eggs, meat or fish.
With its stainless steel cold tail, the Elite pro pan guarantees a secure grip, even at high temperatures. So you can work with confidence, without fear of accidental burns, even during busy periods.


Zéro déchet

Zero waste

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