Tatin-style Yule log recipe by Nina Metayer

Ingredients for a tatin-style Yule log crown for 6/8 serves

Liquid caramel

Sugar 700 g
Water 300 g

Make a dry caramel with the sugar and stop further cooking with the warm water

Apple tatin

Rubinette apples 8
Liquid caramel 400 g

Peel the apples, remove the core with an apple corer; cut into thin strips.

Cook the apple strips with the liquid caramel in a pan.

Whipped vanilla ganache

Whipping cream 480 g
Salt 0.8 g
Gelatin mass 64 g
Chocolate couverture Opalys 200 g
Whipping cream 320 g
Vanilla beans 2

Heat the first quantity of cream, add the gelatin mass, combine and pour over the chocolate couverture Opalys. Emulsify and refrigerate at 4°C (40°F).

Almond hazelnut streusel

Butter 102 g
Flour 92 g
Unrefined cane sugar 50 g
Muscovado sugar 50 g
Ground almonds 50 g
Ground hazelnuts 50 g
Fleur de sel 1.5 g

Mix together all the ingredients in a stand mixer with a flat beater. Mix minimally to keep crisp. Crumble the streusel and bake for 20 minutes at 155°C (310°F), adjust the baking if necessary. Crumble the streusel again.

Reconstituted shortbread

Almond hazelnut streusel 310 g
Feuillantine 110 g
Fleur de sel 1 g
Milk chocolate 170 g
Vanilla powder 0.5g

Melt the milk chocolate over a bain-marie; combine with the streusel, feuillantine, fleur de sel and vanilla powder.

Caramel agar glaze

Liquid caramel 325 g
Agar-agar 2.5 g
Sugar 8 g

Mix together the sugar and agar-agar; heat the caramel, sprinkle in the sugar-agar-agar mix and whisk. Bring to a boil and gently boil for 30 seconds. Allow to lightly cool and use.

Assembly Tatin-style Yule log

Make the whipped ganache and refrigerate for about 6 hours. Make the almond hazelnut streusel and reconstituted shortbread. Cook the apple strips in a pan with a base of liquid caramel, strain. Place them in the base of a mold and set in the freezer. While in the freezer, whip the cold ganache. In the molds lined with apple garnish ¾ full with the whipped ganache and place the reconstituted shortbread to the top of the mold. Smooth the surface and set in the freezer for 2 hours. Make the caramel agar glaze. Unmold the tatins and glaze with the caramel agar glaze.


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