The French Wedding cake, the star of celebration meals

When you think about weddings you think about the pièce montée, the most anticipated moment for the couple and the guests. The arrival of the cake must be spectacular and the cutting by the couple must be successful. A wonderful memory thanks to the expertise of the pastry chef who made this unique cake.

Pastry chefs make pièces montées for weddings, christenings, birthdays and other celebrations. Matfer, a specialist in small professional pastry-making equipment, accompanies them in their creations. Pastry chefs, you could now create the Wedding Cakes of tomorrow thanks to the Matfer equipment.

The stages for making and succeeding in creating a beautiful Wedding Cake

Introduce the happy couples to this unique cake, the French Wedding cake. Work from light recipes and textures (bavarois, mousses, creams…) varied flavours, play with different flavours our colours on each level and promote fresh produce for the decoration. Bring a seasonal touch or play on the theme of the wedding, this is the originality of the French Wedding Cake and is ideal for showcasing traditional French pastry recipes. Bring a different offer that will turn the most beautiful day of the newlyweds’ lives into a show. Make a Wedding Cake easily by following the Matfer step-by-step instructions. When serving, cutting the cake into sections can be done equally by level. Don’t just stick to the simple pièce montée and revisit strawberry cream cake, bavarois, mousses… With the Matfer Wedding Cake kits.


Once your biscuits are ready, move on to the first stage of assembly: cutting the biscuits. To begin this step, you must make sure you have two sheets of 600x400mm biscuits for the 6 layers, for the first 2 tiers. Use the stainless steel shapes as pastry cutters and start cutting. For the last 3 tiers, you will need 1 sheet of 600x400mm biscuit.


For the next step, the lining, place the tier layers on a tray, then proceed to line the other tiers directly with the help of the inserts.


Once the previous steps have been carried out, you can move on to the assembly, by combining different flavours and textures. In order to ensure that it holds, store your mix at a temperature below zero.


Once your mixes are ready, move on to the removal step, heat the stainless steel top layers with the help of a blow torch.

Then heat the second stainless steel circles with a diameter of 360 and 260 mm. Then remove the stainless steel shape for all the layers.


You can then proceed to assembling each tier, the first layers with a diameter of 560mm. For the second tier, simply position the inserts thanks to an integrated handle. Repeat until the insert is garnished, then finalise up to the top tier. Once all the levels are assembled, you just have to decorate the wedding cake.

The Matfer Wedding Cake kit, a spectacular high-end pièce montée

The Wedding cake, an anglo-saxon cake has started to become a favourite dessert of young couples in France, outshining the classic croquembouche pièce montée..

Taking the form of an original and surprising pièce montée, for the last few years it has been the star of weddings.

During the wedding preparations, the choice of cake is crucial, and is made with the help of the pastry chef.

More and more young couples set their heart on the Wedding Cake, initially made with several layers piled up from the largest to the smallest, covered with a thin layer of fondant icing, and decorated depending on the desires of the couple or the theme of the wedding.

More than just a simple Wedding Cake, offer the couple the option of discovering a cake with original imagery and flavours inspired by traditional French pastry recipes.

The Wedding Cake also offers a wide variety of colours, flavours and shapes. For this, use the kits proposed by Matfer, kits comprised of innovative and patented systems. Kits with stackable inserts and stainless steel frames.

This technology allows you to make layered cakes of up to 80 mm high, for a total height after mounting of 400mm. The inserts and frames make mounting easier and allow you to make a spectacular cake in a simple and quick way. There are 3 different versions of Matfer Wedding Cake kits: round, square or deconstructed.