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Sherpa isothermal container: food carrier box by Matfer Bourgeat

Sherpa: the hot or cold isothermal container by Matfer Bourgeat

There is no end to the changes and transformations in catering standards and structures. Thanks to a professional isothermal container, it is easy to keep food hot or cold. This polyethylene container enables you to transport food without altering the taste or risking food safety for your customers.

Restaurant owners, caterers and other professionals can transport, store and deliver solid or liquid dishes and foodstuffs easily, safely and on an ongoing basis thanks to the durability of the Sherpa range.

Food containers suitable for transportation and outdoor catering<

The polyethylene food containers have a thick, efficient insulation (CFC-free PU foam), and perfect water-tightness ensure the conformity of temperatures for several hours, from -30°C to + 85°C.

As for cold food,  eutectic plates keep the temperature at the required level. Once the food has been transported, it can be kept at the perfect temperature thanks to an built-in heating system with a single phase power supply.

This option is particularly valuable when you have to open the door regularly while keeping the meal hot throughout the service.

Plaques eutectiques

Every Sherpa isothermal container is designed to enable optimal handling and loading, with openings at the front and top to suit your needs.

Conteneur isotherme Sherpa F2
Conteneur isotherme sherpa F4 - Ouverture frontale
Conteneur isotherme sherpa DP2 - Ouverture dessus

This professional equipment is very robust thanks to reinforced corners and sides that increase its shock resistance.


Formes étudiées pour un bon calage lors de l’empilage.


La fermeture se fait par un système de loqueteaux qui permet une fermeture rapide d’un seul geste et d’une seule main.


Très sécurisées, les conteneurs n’en sont pas moins maniables, grâce aux poignées de portage positionnées sur les 4 côtés. Elles sont utiles pour limiter les risques de glissement des mains lors des manutentions.


Des étiquettes d’identification des contenus ou des destinations sont livrées systématiquement avec tous les conteneurs isothermes Sherpa pour vous faciliter la préparation des transports.


Ces conteneurs isothermes présentent de plus des surfaces étudiées et des accessoires de liaison pour garantir le maintien lors du gerbage.


Les roues en acier inoxydables avec frein permettront quant à elles d’assurer la stabilité lors des opérations de chargement / déchargement.


Les patins d’usure placés aux 4 coins sont des équipements de série de la gamme Sherpa qui vous prémuniront de toute dégradation liée aux frottements dans les véhicules de transport.

Sherpa containers, designed to comply with food standards<

Every slight detail has been designed to meet all the requirements of caterers and deliverers. An isothermal container enables you to deliver more and for longer periods of time.

Never complacent when it comes to hygiene, the Sherpa range by  Matfer Bourgeat complies with legislation of 20 July 1998 relating to technical and hygiene conditions for transporting food products and prepared meals.

The inside of Sherpa containers has single-piece shelves or rails (for models that open at the front) that have no water retention areas.

Moreover, all parts are detachable, making it very easy for you to wash with a high-pressure cleaner.

Models intended for carrying liquids have a detachable stainless-steel tank and waterproof lid. This prevents the tastes and smells of the liquid from lingering permanently and also avoids any deformation caused by heat.

Conteneur isotherme avec cuve inox
Conteneur isotherme avec panier fil inox

For keeping all prepared food hot or cold in your kitchen, you can also discover the Satellite range and its hot and cold cupboards. This customized professional kitchen equipment is ideal for transporting and serving large quantities of meals that needs to be kept hot or cold.

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