Domestically compostable eco-friendly packaging and containers

The Matfer Bourgeat domestically compostable range


It is difficult today to provide a takeaway catering offer without considering environmental issues. Not only from the point of view of respecting the planet but also from consumer expectations. For this reason, Matfer Bourgeat has developed a domestically compostable range to ensure an authentic and natural presentation for your preparations.

Paper: the star of home composters!


A material is domestically compostable when, after biodegradation at room temperature, it becomes humus directly usable in agriculture (complying with the French T51-800 standard or equivalent). The first material that comes to mind when thinking about compostable materials is undoubtedly paper, the perfect packaging for catering and bakery products!

You will find a considerable number of paper references within our range: white or coloured wrapped paper straws, kraft paper straws from sustainably managed forests, paper towels made from Ecolabel certified recycled paper, etc.

Wadded napkins and tablecloths made of 100% recycled fibre originating from sustainably managed forests also bring a natural touch to your tables.

Cellulose fibre cup lids in combination with fibre or cardboard cups are an ideal match for an eco-friendly offer!

Bamboo: a domestically compostable material


Bamboo is a plant that grows and renews itself rapidly in its natural environment. As an ecological and robust material, bamboo is highly favoured by Matfer Bourgeat. Non-porous, unlike wood, it will prove ideal for all containers that come into contact with food: wrapped containers or mini bamboo steamers, but also for all aperitif star accessories for: sticks with pearls, bamboo sticks with multicoloured bead, mini skewers “palette”, flat skewers, etc.

Strong, washable, recyclable and compostable, but also stylish, bamboo will enhance your preparations while perfectly embodying an eco-friendly approach!

Sugarcane fibre for your biodegradable packages and dishes


Perhaps less well known, sugarcane fibre can also be converted into a product with limited environmental impact. Fibre container containers are optimal for takeaway catering thanks to its strength, resistance to high temperatures and being impermeable to fats. An absolute must!

It will prove to be a customized solution for fresh salads and catered meals! It is microwaveable, resistant up to 120°C, impervious to fat, oil and acids with an excellent ability to preserve aromas and flavours.

Wood: to make compost from cutlery


In order to offer your customers compostable and biodegradable products, you can also turn to Matfer Bourgeat’s many wooden products: sets of birchwood cutlery in paper bags, paper napkins from sustainably managed forests, etc.

However, the range of wooden products goes beyond simple cutlery, since it also includes full-fledged containers made entirely of compostable wood: the poplar wood range to present canapés during meals, buffets or cocktail parties in an original way.

Finally, you will be able to have compostable wooden utensils for the design of your own dishes, with a mould made of untreated poplar wood, with baking paper cases. All of which ensures authentic and natural presentation!

Palm leaf:


A natural matter that falls off palm trees, the leaf is untreated. It is collected before being pressed and transformed into a container.

The ultimate natural product!

Palm leaves are one of the most natural raw materials available. The difference in tones and stains on palm plates reflects the leaves as they are found in nature. Each plate is unique. Plates are resistant and suitable for hot dishes and can even be reheated in a microwave oven. Palm leaf does not transfer heat and maintains its shape. Capable of withstanding heat and cold liquids. (Page 13 of the catalogue)

Greaseproof cardboard plates:


Bioline white and kraft plates are greaseless free of plastic film!

Vegetable fat is soaked into the mass. This makes these plates 100% biodegradable products, which can be home-composted!

For any questions you may have to our eco-friendly range and to the new environmental code regulations, do not hesitate to consult our “Essential to know” page and our FAQ.