Professional food packaging, plastic dishes, the essential Matfer Bourgeat items

The challenges for take-aways

Take-away dining has increased in recent years. In the past, take-aways were synonymous with mass-marketed fast food, but now people know they can get good food to go.

Now the lines are blurred, and good chefs and lovers of gourmet food have realized it is in their interests to embrace food trucks, delivery services and bicycle couriers. New thinking has given rise to new stakes, especially in terms of aesthetic identity, the challenge being how to best present quality food in a sector that traditionally uses disposable packaging such as paper wraps, plastic bags, aluminium foil trays and other recyclables.

Professional cooking has to face up to a new equation. Once chefs reconcile “quality” and “mobility,” they then must consider branding their packaging so they stand apart from the competition while reducing the use of packaging.

The optimization of professional food packaging

Traditional fast-food packaging is flawed on two fronts: it does not look good and it is bad for the environment. The question then becomes how you can offer professional food packaging that is practical for the user without being excessive.

So pour a generous dose of ingenuity into your cooking and sprinkle on some professional know-how, and you come up with the covered verrines by Flo.

As with the Duo pot, which is made from recycled PET, you can get a disposable biodegradable dish that is suitable for presenting a full meal (main dish or dessert).

Nothing could be simpler than transporting verrines in verrine boxes with handles.

Along the same convenience line is the round salad bowls with built-in forks and portion pots for sauces and other condiments – ideal for busy people to eat on the run.

Along the same convenience line is the round salad bowls with built-in forks and portion pots for sauces and other condiments – ideal for busy people to eat on the run.

For soups or fresh pasta, we offer cardboard plain round pots with microwavable covers.

Our quest to optimize professional packaging also led to the design of trays that can hold whole meals, as in the case of the compartmentalized trays that hold a starter, main dish and side or dessert in three 30cl receptacles perfectly suited to your latest culinary creations.

For those with even bigger appetites, we offer sandwich bags.

Classics such as cones and chips tubs can be reinvented to hold wraps, potatoes, squid or donuts, depending on your imagination!

Professional food packaging gets a summer makeover

Is it possible to look good and be practical? Of course it is! Technical possibilities increase to keep pace with consumer demands. The visuals – colors and shapes – arouse taste first so they are designed to appeal to consumers. Thus, pasta pots adopt white cardboard with waterproof and greaseproof paper, better showcasing your dishes, while square salad bowls do likewise thanks to their flared design.

Take-away dessert

With take-aways, we are not talking about fast food, but rather high-quality dishes with starters, main courses and dessert. Consumers do not forgo anything!

Pastries are eaten at any time of day, so it must be possible to transport them while keeping their original aesthetics. The best way to do this is to use a dome display case for round creations or the triangular pie pack.