Culinary trends in 2018: our new products

As 2018 begins, discover the latest culinary trends that will shape your year and our new products inspired by these trends.


The rhythm of the seasons, changing desires, product origins, natural, vegan, freshness, variety, sharing…

The buffet offers a wide choice of dishes of great diversity. It offers the opportunity to taste new flavors whether for salty or sweet dishes.

Discover our selection of new small equipment for buffets in 2018.

For pastries, bread or fruit, we offer baskets of various shapes, sizes and materials.

These need to be showcased to make diners desire to taste different dishes in your buffet. One way of doing this is to break away from the linear aspect of a buffet by introducing different levels, emphasising certain dishes by rising them up. You can choose metal supports with colours and shapes suited to your buffet.

To make your buffet appealing while conserving foods so that they can be enjoyed under the best possible conditions, take a look at our other new products for 2018: the refrigerated support, Invicta casseroles and the cereal dispenser.



Original, unusual, colourful, fruity, fresh, tasty, healthy, creative, festive… A cocktail for every occasion.

To make sure your creations are enjoyed and appreciated, there’s nothing better than adding a straw. Discover our new satin straw holder, an accessory that stores and presents straws with style. To introduce and promote your tasty preparations, use a slate or a display holder.

Express your creativity and offer unique cocktails with the smoking gun.

Coffee Shop

Barista, connected, gourmet, cakes, living spaces, latte, macchiato, cappuccino…

In 2018, we still drink coffee at tables or bars, and the new trend is for coffee on the go. A takeaway coffee served in a cardboard cup, which protects all the aroma and flavour of the coffee. Ristretto, lungo, americano… there are different cups and lids sizes to keep the drink hot.

Hot drinks are still enjoyed in coffee shops in 2018, with coffee served on trays and sipped at tables.

Italian chic

Italian bistronomy, antipasti, Italian wines, friendliness, mini pizzas, sunshine cooking, pasta, rough décor…

What would Italian cuisine be without its finely sliced cured meats? To offer a perfect cut and grow your sales, choose a reliable product. Made in Italy with unique materials, discover Volano and Chromatic, manual slicers for a precise cut without heating the meat. Once your meat is sliced, serve it on boards with a slice of bread presented in one of our new bread baskets.

Nature & Season

The rhythm of the seasons, naturalness, product origins, locavore, kitchen garden, raw products, authenticity, trust…

Show off your fresh products in round sugarcane fibre pots, an eco-friendly solution that conserves the food and its flavours. For an original presentation of your fresh seasonal desserts, serve them in a flower verrine.



Chef’s kitchen, professional, preparation, ergonomic, efficiency, equipment, practical, recipe…

Discover our new products for the whole brigade. Faster than a simple grinder, make your commis chef’s work easier with our professional masher: the Prep Chef masher. Prepare your dishes precisely for perfect results thanks to our new scales. Work with high-quality, perfectly maintained equipment. Discover our sharpeners for simple, risk-free knife sharpening.


Takeaway sales

Uberisation, delivery, pleasure, eating on the go, personalisation, fast, flavour, variety…

In 2018, takeaway food is a fast-changing sector. Its immediacy makes it possible to enjoy tasty food on the go.